Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities
University of Nottingham
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New June 2016

Ten Tips for how the insurance industry can better support children and young people affected by flooding - from Save the Children and Lancaster University PDF file icon

New January 2016

Be part of the National Network on Municipal Flood Resiliency in association with ICLEI Canada, The City of Calgary, and the Canadian Water Resources Association. Download the invitation (PDF 1.91 MB)

New March 2015

Ouseburn - Restoration, flood retention and enhancement opportunities and examples (report for the Environment Agency by the River Restoration Centre). Download article here PDF file icon (5.91 MB)


Amsterdam Water Resilient City 

Blue Green Dream, Imperial College London

Construction Industry Research and Information Association - CIRIA projects

Climate Proof City, part of the Dutch Delta program

CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

Dance 4 Water - European FP7 project

Daylighting Rivers

Designing with water in the city, examples in Europe


emBRACE - Building Resilience Amongst Communities in Europe

European Commission Green Infrastructure project

EU SWITCH Project, Managing Water For The City Of The Future

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) - Flood Awareness Education Platform

Foresight Future of Cities project

Flood Risk Management Research Consortium (FRMRC)

Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns (GRaBS) project, University of Manchester

Green Infrastructure North West, developed a calculator for estimating the benefits of green infrastructure 

Greater New Orleans Water Management Strategy (Living With Water)

Hydrocitizenship (AHRC project) - join the online community of hydrocitizens

Infrastructure BUsiness models, valuation and Innovation for Local Delivery (iBUILD)

International Water Association (IWA)  Cities of the Future Programme

Lamb Drove SuDS monitoring (Royal Haskoning DHV)

Managing Adaptive Responses to changing Flood Risk (MARE) EU Programme

Monitoring the benefits of SuDS at Upton - Princes Foundation project   

Natural Capital Project (NatCap) - Stanford University and the University of Minnesota  

PUB (2011) ABC Waters Design Programme (Singapore's national water agency)

RAMSES - Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for citiES (EU project)

ReNUWit: Engineering Research Center for re-inventing the Nation's urban water infrastructure (USA)

RESTORE - restoring Europe's rivers

River Restoration Centre (RRC) - working to restore and enhance our rivers

Rotterdam Adaptation strategy

Rotterdam - The Water City of the Future

Rotterdam Waterplan 2013-2018 strategy

San Francisco Better Streets Plan

Susceptibility of catchments to INTense RAinfall and flooding (SINATRA)

Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers & Floodplains (SMURF)

Sustaining Urban Habitats - An Interdisciplinary Approach (2014-2019, Leverhulme Project)

Sydney WSUD program

The ‘Ripple Effect’ – Re-imagining Birmingham and Coventry City Centers using water sensitive urban design solutions

The Urban River Survey, a scientific assessment method and suite of tools that supports the work of river managers in urban environments.

The Water Network - knowledge network for water professionals

Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow (TRUST)

UKWRIP (UK Water Research and Innovation Partnership) 

UNESCO-IHE Flood Resilience Group

Urban River Basin Enhancement Methods (URBEM), providing new tools, techniques and procedures to enhance urban watercourses

Urban River Corridors and Sustainable Living Agendas (URSULA), investigating the sustainable development of urban river corridors

Water@Leeds - interdisciplinary centre for water research in the UK

Reports, websites and blogs

Benefits of Green Infrastructure  (Forest Research, Defra) PDF file icon

Center for Watershed Protection - Urban Subwatershed Restoration Manual Series

CIRIA - Construction Industry Research and Information Association

Cloudburst Management plan, creating a green and blue Copenhagen PDF file icon

Creating water sensitive places - Scoping the potential for Water Sensitive Urban Design in the UK (CIRIA)

Defra - Developing Urban Blue corridors  2011, Scoping Study FD2619

Delivering biodiversity benefits through green infrastructure (CIRIA)

Demonstrating the benefits of SuDS - Developing a business case (CIRIA RP993)

Engineering Nature's Way, blog posts on SuDS and flood risk management in the UK

Essential Guide to Flood Preparation and Planning (Polygon)

Foresight Future of Cities blog

Green Living Space Plan Birmingham, September 2013  PDF file icon (2.24 MB)

Home Emergency Preparedness (National Safety Council) 

Melbourne Water: WSUD guidelines PDF file icon

National Standards for SuDS (Defra) PDF file icon

Plan and prepare for flooding (American Red Cross)

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) - Watercourses in the Community: A guide to sustainable watercourse management in the urban environment  PDF file icon


SUSDRAIN - The community for sustainable drainage 

SUDSnet - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Network

The Impact  of Extreme  Events on  Freshwater  Ecosystems, The British Ecological Society 2013  PDF file icon

UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) - Synthesis of Key Findings

UKWRIP Water and Cities Report (June 2014), including a list of current research activity in this area

World Bank blog: Sustainable Cities

Blue-Green Cities Research Project

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