Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities
University of Nottingham


The Blue-Green Cities team have produced 2-page factesheets to illustrate key research findings and outcomes. Click on the factsheets below to view the PDFs. 

The website also contains a comprehensive list of FRMRC2 factsheets and network research snapshots. 

Floodplain Sedimentation factsheet (PDF 707 KB)

Public Perceptions and Behaviours factsheet (PDF 651 KB)

Ecosystem services delivery of SuDS ponds factsheet (PDF 717 KB)

River Restoration on the Ouseburn factsheet (PDF 752 KB)

Barriers and Uncertainty to Blue-Green infrastructure Factsheet (PDF 520 KB)

Sediment Movement through a Swale Factsheet (PDF 694 KB)

Southwell Factsheet (PDF 695 KB)

Pooh Sticks Factsheet (PDF 1.65 MB)

Green Infrastructure Evaluation factsheet (PDF 610 KB)

Relational complexity of SuDS/GI factsheet (PDF 670 KB)

Functional complexity during non-flood conditions factsheet (PDF 717 KB)

Functional complexity of SuDS/GI factsheet (PDF 477 KB)

River Habitat Scoring Factsheet (PDF 835 KB)

Flood Footprint Factsheet (PDF 748 KB)

LAA Factsheet (PDF 606 KB)

Hebden Bridge Factsheet (PDF 808 KB)


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