Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities
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News and eBulletins

News on the Blue-Green Cities Research Project, including our blog, can be found on the News page.

E-Bulletins from the participatory modelling work at Hebden Bridge and Southwell (EPSRC Studentship) are listed below. Please click on the hyperlink to see the pdf.

Southwell e-Bulletins (2014-2015)

PDF file icon  The project in 300 words  (Dec 2014)

PDF file icon What went before - Hebden Bridge  (Jan 2015)

PDF file icon Causal loop diagrams  (Feb 2015)

PDF file icon Thinking about Risk (Feb 2015)

PDF file icon  System Dynamics  (March 2015)

PDF file icon  Behind the scenes 1 (March 2015)

PDF file icon  Belford Burn (April 2015)

PDF file icon  Futures (May 2015)

Hebden Bridge e-Bulletins (2013-2014)

e-Bulletins provide the stakeholders involved in the Hebden Bridge project with regular updates on progress and future workshops. The e-bulletins can be accessed by the links below (oldest at the top); 

PDF file icon  Looking at flood risk differently in Hebden Bridge 

PDF file icon  The multiple benefits of thinking blue-green in Hebden Bridge

PDF file icon  A very short introduction to Participatory Modelling

PDF file icon  A very short introduction to Bayesian networks

PDF file icon  Our Partnership with the Blue-Green Cities project

PDF file icon  Hot off the press in surface water flooding

PDF file icon  Uncertainty

PDF file icon  Behind the scenes 1: Initial network structure

PDF file icon  Risk  

PDF file icon  Mid-project progress report

PDF file icon  Taking a step see the bigger picture

PDF file icon  Behind the scenes 2: Merging the Networks

PDF file icon  Hot off the press in uncertainty

PDF file icon  Behind the scenes 3: Building the model in Netica   

PDF file icon  Future Scenarios

PDF file icon  From West Yorkshire to Whitehall

PDF file icon   Portland Revisited  

PDF file icon   Project Wrap-Up

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