Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities
University of Nottingham


Consortium members have published books and book chapters relating to their research in the Blue-Green Cities Research Project.


Title: Sustainable Water

Year: 2016

Editors: Ainger C and Fenner R

Publisher: ICE Publishing



Title: Handbook on Green Infrastructure: Planning, Design and Implementation

Year: 2016

Editors: Sinnett D, Smith N, and Burgess S.

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Chapter: Green infrastructure and urban water management

Authors: Everett G, Lawson E, and Lamond J


Flood Risk Science and Management book cover

Title: Flood risk science and management

Year: 2011

Editors: Pender G and Faukener H

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Chapter: Accounting for sediment in flood risk management (pg 87-         113)

Authors: Thorne CR, Wallerstein NO, Soar PK, Brookes A. Wishart D,     Biedenharn DS, Gibson SA, Little CD, Mooney DM, Watson CC,                   Green APE, Coulthard TJ, Van De Weil MJ


Climate Challenges in the Built Environment book cover

Title: Solutions for climate change challenges in the built environment    

Year: 2012

Editors: Booth CA, Hammond FN, Lamond J, and Proverbs DG.

Publisher: London: Blackwell

Chapter: Methods for Valuing Preferences for Environmental and Natural Resources: An overview

Authors: Lamond J, Bateman IJ


Flood Recovery Innovation and Response III book cover

Title: Flood Recovery Innovation and Response III

Year: 2012

Editors: Proverbs DG, Mambretti S, Brebbia CA, and De Wrachien D.

Publisher: Southampton: WIT Press

Chapter: A framework for participatory assessment of vulnerability of commercial property values to flooding in the UK

Authors: Bhattacharya N, Lamond J, Proverbs DG, Hammond F, Searle D


Stream and Watershed Restoration book cover

Title: Stream and Watershed Restoration: A Guide to Restoring Riverine Processes and Habitats

Year: 2012

Editors: Roni P and Beechie TJ

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Chapter: Developing, Designing, and Implementing Restoration Projects (pg 215-253)

Authors: Skidmore PB, Beechie TJ, Pess GR, Castro JM, Cluer BI, Thorne CR, Shea CC, Chen R


World Bank Cities and Flooding book cover




Water Resources Issues and  Solutions for the Built Environment book cover

Title: Cities and flooding: a guide to integrated urban flood risk management for the 21st Century

Year: 2012

Publisher: GFDRR/World Bank.

Authors: Jha A, Lamond J , Bloch R




Title:  Sustainable Infrastructure – Principles Into Practice

Year: 2013

Publisher: ICE Publishing.

Authors:  Ainger C and  Fenner RA









Title:  Water Resources Issues and  Solutions for the Built Environment 

Year: 2013

Editors: Booth C. and Charlesworth S. 

Publisher: Oxford: Wiley-Blackwells.

Chapter:  The role of market based flood insurance in maintaining communities at risk  of  flooding – a SWOT analysis

Authors: Lamond J


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